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Touring Rome: cycling the Appian Way

9 April, 2020
Cycling in Italy, particularly in Rome, obviously has its romantic pleasures, and in the eternal city you can only imagine the stunning streetscapes and history you can explore when cycling. The Appian Way is perfect for a cycle in Rome…

Cycling in Milan and Italy's free water fountains

6 April, 2020
One of the great secrets and travel tips for Italy is the green fountains that can be found around towns and cities that provide free and safe drinking water. “Green Dragons” in Milan refers to these very water fountains where…

Orco Cicli, Italian handmade bicycles

5 April, 2020
Italian company Orco Cicli is an enterprise that makes hand made bicycles in true artisan style, currently reserved only for racing models.The chassis is often a gamble, as each one is different from the others made, but the company uses…

Italian villages: town stays in the Vallecamonica, Brescia

2 April, 2020
Thanks to a note from a reader, we’ve discovered a new tourist initiative in Italy in the north east of Lombardy called Vallecamonica Paese Albergo, which uses existing structures and homes as past of a hotel system. The idea is…

Travelling Italy by bicycle: bike sharing in Milan

1 April, 2020
Bike sharing programs in Europe are taking off, and Milan’s bike sharing is set to start at the end of November. After a visit from Silvio Berlusconi to Milan’s Eicma motorcycle and bicycle show, Milan’s mayor, Letizia Moratti, has announced…

Travelling Italy by bike with Italy Bikes Hotel

24 March, 2020
Yesterday we wrote about travelling around Sicily in a vintage car, and today we’re going to check out a great initiative called Italy Bikes Hotel. Italy is a great cycling nation, not because of the Giro d’Italia necessarily, but because…

There Is An Elevated Bike Path for Cycling Through the Trees

10 January, 2020
If you think you can't ride in trees, you're wrong. In Belgium, in fact, in Hechtel-Eksel in the Limburg district, cycling on treetops is a reality. How? Thanks to an incredible elevated bike path through the beautiful coniferous forests of Pijnven. A…