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City walking tour of Florence: guided tours to Boboli gardens and Medici villas

Get off your bus tour of Florence and discover Firenze a different way in this guided tour of the city.
Being a city that lends itself to walking, with plenty of surrounding countryside to see, try these hiking tours of Florence.

The tour “Firenze: ville, giardini e Signori d’eleganza” takes in the various villas and sights of Florence, with dinner and overnight hotel stay, and guided tours taking you around the city.

It’s open to a maximum of 20 people for April 10 and 11 and includes one night in a three-star hotel at the Ponte Vecchio, a traditional Tuscan dinner, Boboli gardens tour and transfer to visit the Medicee di Petraia villa and castle.

The tour costs about 189 euros a head, and involves city walks, guided tours taking in the history of Florence’s famous Medici family, and of course the good wine and food of Italy’s most famous region.

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