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Eurochocolate 2008: Baci Perugina and Perugia festival for chocoholics

We had already indicated the Eurochocolate festival in our initial post on October festivals in Italy, and autumn events.
From Saturday 18 October to Saturday 25 October the Umbrian capital will host the mega-chocolate festival called Eurochocolate.
The program has many events and the brands hosted include Novi, Lindt, Cameo, Nestlé, Toblerone, Milka and others.

If you’re interested in checking out the festival, it’s probably best to go during the week, avoiding the weekends, and seel alternative transport options like the train.
The highlight of the chocolate festival is the chocolate sculptures, with blocks of chocolate being sculptured in the streets by various artists.

Onlookers content themselves with the chocolate flakes that fly off, some people even picking them up off the street (no comment on the quality of this chocolate).
If you want to avoid crowds and the commercial nature of this event, visiting Perugia at another time still gives you the opportunity of a chocolate experience.
You can visit chocolate making facilities, the Perugina chocolate museum (where you can buy chocolate products and Baci Perugina), an antique chocolate gelateria exists (in front of Perugia’s Università per stranieri) and at the moment you can even stop at the exhibition Da Corot a Picasso.

All without the crowds and people who will eat chocolate off the pavement.

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