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Taking Palladio by the hand: historic Veneto villas

To celebrate the five-hundredth anniversary of Andrea Palladio’s birth Vicenza has organised a tour of all the villas built or inspired by the famous architect.
One of the most important and influential architects in western History, Palladio changed the architecture of the world.

From 27th April to November the public will have the chance to visit and admire more than 400 villas (16 built by the architect himself ).

Every Saturdays afternoon Palazzo Thiene will also open its famous dungeon to visitors, while on Sundays, one can make a tour of Bassano and all the nearby Palladium villas.

Actually there are two different tours, respectively called Around Vicenza and Terra Berica.
More informations: Palladio 2008 Official Site.
For Saturday visits the entrance fee is 10 euros; for Sunday ones 15 euros (a fee which includes a professional guide, bus fares and a booklet called A tour Into An Imagined Harmony)

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