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Art exhibition Italy: celebrating 500 years of Palladio

25 April, 2020
In Vicenza celebrations have begun to celebrate the fifth centenary of the birth of Andrea Palladio. In fact, on September 20 we will see the inauguration of “Palladio 500” at the Palazzo Barbaran da Porto.Blog dolce vita already reported on…

Dinner at Italian Palladio's Villas: a visit to Veneto

23 April, 2020
If you want the ultimate Italian holiday, we can recommend a stay in one of the villas below. We’ve already looked at some of the masterpieces, in the form of Venetian villas, of the architect Palladio. From June to October…

Taking Palladio by the hand: historic Veneto villas

6 April, 2020
To celebrate the five-hundredth anniversary of Andrea Palladio’s birth Vicenza has organised a tour of all the villas built or inspired by the famous architect. One of the most important and influential architects in western History, Palladio changed the architecture…