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News from Italy: Fellini's feminist lovers, Colosseum restoration and papal cover-ups

International press news from Italy includes everything from Roma’s top spot in the Serie A football list, above FC Internazionale, to the restoration of the Colosseum and papal coverups.
Sometimes it seems the world just can’t get enough of Italy.
Among the favourite topics from Spain’s El Pais is the 23 million euros announced for the restoration of the Colosseum.

Rome’s mayor, Alemanno, has approved the expensive plan and the Spaniards say it’s come in time to prevent a similar fate to that of the roof crumbling on the Domus Aurea.
The Italians call it the most ‘curious’ topic, but if you know anything about Germaine Greer’s celebrity status in the Anglo world, you won’t be surprised that the Guardian reported a supposed dalliance between the strident feminist and Federico Fellini.
Another event which apparently occured in Rome, over dinner of a basil risotto.
A Telegraph columnist uses an old favourite among journalists to compare modern politics to ancient times, wandering Rome’s ruins while pondering Britain’s budget deficit:

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