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Colosseum restoration to be finished by 2013

20 April, 2020
We don’t know the exact date the restoration will begin but according to the Italian Culture Minster Sandro Biondi it should be finished by 2013! The Italian government is now looking for private sponsors to help it restore one of…

Colosseum on fire by Thyra Hilden and Pio Diaz

19 April, 2020
This amazing video shows the special effects of an optical illusion: the Colosseum on fire by two artists, Pio Diaz and Thyra Hilden. The video exhibition was on show for only three nights and was commissioned by Italy’s arts minister…

American tourist gives back piece of Colosseum

17 April, 2020
An American tourist, confessing to having taken off with a piece of the Colosseum years ago, is returning the piece of Italian history. The anonymous tourist sent the piece back in a package, stating: “We should have done it a…

Tourist carves name into Colosseum

13 April, 2020
Many of the stereotypes associated with chaotic Italians living in a messy Italy need to reviewed, as the locals often, in fact, demonstrate great organisation and pride in their country. This is one instance where indignation on the part of…

Roman Triumphs on display at the Colosseum

12 April, 2020
Have you ever tried to picture yourself as a Roman centurion? Long and exhausting battles only for the glory of Rome, marching all day long in heavy armour or building fortifications against the assault of strange and dangerous foes. A…

Summer in Rome: the Colosseum by night

8 April, 2020
This year the summer in Rome will be particularly interesting thanks to a series of events which will take place in the eternal city from June 15 to September 15; for the first time people will be able to visit…

IPhone app to jump entrance queues at Colosseum

4 April, 2020
Dream of touring Rome without the queues? Now you can with an iPhone app that lets you jump the queue at the Colosseum, which is particularly handy in the height of the Italian summer tourist season. The application ‘i-Mibac- Top…

Rome: in the shdaow of the Colosseum, food and cabaret

16 March, 2020
The comedy event “All’ombra del Colosseo”, or “In the shadow of the colosseum”, is returning to Rome, to the L’Hostaria Food and Fashion restaurant in Rome’s Parco del Celio.The event combines comedy with some great food in Rome, where you…