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Roman Triumphs on display at the Colosseum

Have you ever tried to picture yourself as a Roman centurion? Long and exhausting battles only for the glory of Rome, marching all day long in heavy armour or building fortifications against the assault of strange and dangerous foes.
A very weary job I’m afraid.

Each centurion had to rely on the strength and courage of the man who was walking at his side and all for the love they felt for Rome and for what was in store for them of course: the triumphal march across the streets of the Eternal City, with the dux, walking behind his prisoners through a monumental door called Porta Triumphalis, while a slave at his side would hold on his head a wreath of laurel leaves and whisper to him: memento mori (remember that you must die).

All this and more will be on show at the Colosseum until September.
You will be able to see statues, frescos, rare sarcophaguses and many other roman objects related to the most famous triumphs in the history of Rome.
The entrance fee is 11,00 euros; 6 if at a discount.

The fee includes a tour of the Palatino and of the nearby Forum Imperiali.

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