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How to make out for the first time?

© Sergii Shalimov (Fotolia) portrait of a beautiful young couple kissing and hugging
© Sergii Shalimov (Fotolia)
Choosing your partner
You’ve probably seen people making out before and wanted to be involved with someone too but it can be scary making out the first time.

You may be wondering how to be a better kisser or if you’ll know exactly what to do and that’s okay. Everyone has a first time.

Don’t rush
The first thing you should consider is the person you plan to make out with.

Do you have a girlfriend or boyfriend? Sure, people have random make out sessions all of the time and those can be hot making out sessions but if you’re taking the time to read about what to do, then you probably haven’t done it yet. So, choose your partner carefully, someone you are comfortable with.
How to do it better
Taking it slow
The first thing you want to do is take it slow if you’re not familiar with what to do. While you don’t have to have a wealth of experience to make out with someone, you want it to be a sexy make out session, not just two people fumbling around. Go by what your girlfriend or boyfriend seems to want as well.

No pressure
Don’t just follow their lead, get a feel for what they want so you can both go at an even pace. For instance, if your boyfriend wants to kiss and touch you all over and you’re comfortable with that then that’s okay. Just don’t pressure someone else and don’t feel you have to cave in to pressure either.

Making out encompasses all kinds of scenarios. It can mean kissing, touching each other and even going further. However, you should always be sure the both of you are ready. You can make the first move on your girlfriend or boyfriend but always respect their wishes and the pace they want to move at.

Final word
Once you’re ready, take it slow and don’t use your mouth to devour them. No one likes a sloppy, wet kiss. Only amateur do that. Go in steady and soft, with your eyes closed and your mind open to trying new things.

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