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The art of re-building confidance

© tracy collins happiness
© tracy collins

The vast majority of the time we accept our flaws, but occasionally something knock us for six and our confidence takes a tumble.

During these periods a new perspective is needed. For example if you are feeling conscious about your body, or the way you look, after a relationship break-up, instead of focusing upon what you see when you look in the mirror, try to adopt a different view.

Think about it like this; all of us grow old (no exceptions), outer beauty is temporary for us all, we will all lose skin firmness and youthfulness.

Ask yourself how many times in your life you have met someone who outwardly looks stunningly beautiful but the more you have got to know them as a person, the less attractive they have become because their personality and their inner beauty simply doesn’t match the exterior? This works the other way around too, many times you will meet someone you do not automatically find physically attractive, but over time their kind and caring nature will render them beautiful in your eyes.

Ask yourself do you want a person who is only interested in your outer shell? Would you feel comfortable knowing their shallow perspective will cause you to constantly be worrying about if you are good enough for them? As a human you are not perfect, sure there are parts of us we could all change if we could, but these changes must be for you, not for anyone else’s benefit.

Embrace the things you are passionate about, be it music, sport or art. Grow internally, take comfort from the fact that as you expand as a person you have so much more to give to whoever is lucky enough to enter your life. Happiness has to be experienced and then shared, other people can only add to your happiness, they cannot create it.

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