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How to set up an online dating business

1. Make your website
© Ed Yourdon (Flickr) Thinkin’ about the code
© Ed Yourdon (Flickr)

The basics
When it comes to starting a dating website, you will need to create your own website. You can do this yourself or you can hire someone else to do it.

This will all depend on the functionality that you want, your own capabilities and any time constraints that you have.
Only you will be able to decide on this option.
2. What will you offer?
© Scott Maxwell (Fotolia) Online Romance
© Scott Maxwell (Fotolia)

It can be easy to just think about offering dating service online, but do you want to specialise?
This can often cause problems because it will limit your potential clients.

However, if you specialise, it can be helpful in terms of advertising and marketing.
You could consider setting up an online video dating site.
You should look around at your competition to see what others offer.
3. Think about your domain name
© Scott Maxwell (Fotolia) Online Shopping E Commerce Concept
© Scott Maxwell (Fotolia)

Domain names
You want a domain name that is easy to remember and will help with SEO.
Think about what you are offering and prepare the appropriate keywords linked to your domain name itself.
Now, you will need to find a site to search for and register your domain name.
These sites will also give you alternative names if the one you want has already been taken.
4. Select a host site
© Scott Maxwell (Fotolia) Secure Shopping Cart
© Scott Maxwell (Fotolia)

How to select a host site?
With your online dating site and your domain name, it is time to find a web hosting site.
Shop around for one that is able to offer your exact needs.
Unless you are offering a free dating service, you will need to be able to take payments, so your website will become an e-commerce business site.
5. Advertise, promote and market
© Alex White (Fotolia) newspapers
© Alex White (Fotolia)

Now it’s time to make your new business known to the world.
Get out there and promote your new business.
Consider using social media, video marketing and even handing out fliers.
You should also ensure that the content is high in SEO and look into link backing to make sure that it can be found.
If you are offering a free service, consider affiliate marketing to help you earn income from your site.
6. Declare your earnings
© alancleaver_2000 (Flickr) Income tax
© alancleaver_2000 (Flickr)

Final word
This is a business and you will be earning money, which means that you will need to declare all of your earnings to the taxman.
This will be in the form of self-assessment.
Remember that if you don’t declare your earnings, you will need to pay a fine and the tax that you owe.

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