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Online dating advice, help and tips

© Scott Maxwell (Fotolia) Online Romance
© Scott Maxwell (Fotolia)
Don’t be hasty
When it comes to online dating, safety is key. You do want this to turn into a good relationship, dont you? Whether or not the relationship works out is of course, another matter.

So how do you ensure safety? Remember, if it is going to turn out well, it will not be through hastiness. Take your time to savour all of the process. Besides, the beginning is usually the sweetest and most memorable.

After all, it is the journey that matters, or else, why not just go for an arranged marriage?
How to socialise in a natural way
Mingling organically

Not unlike offline dating, cast your net wide and know a few people. There is no need to concentrate on one until you have found him. Friendships are relationships too. Mingling organically will put your mind in the right perspective and give you clarity. You can keep your options wide at the initial stage and enjoy the benefits.

Communicating in stages

You can start off with email communications in the beginning. When you feel comfortable, this can progress to chatting sessions. It is good to keep these sessions productive. This will not be hard to do if you have others whom you are mingling with or if you have a busy life of your own. Only when you can get along well with each other should you progress to face to face outings or dates.
Use your common sense
Dating on the internet can be a great way to open up your social life. You don’t have to be overly cautious. Mostly, good old common sense will take you a long way. Being positive is great for you as well as the people you meet. As is keeping your options open until you know you have met the right person. Just take it easy at the beginning and let it progress in a natural way.

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