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Dating difficulties

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We all know the perils of dating and the endless questions that revolve around our minds when we’re preparing to go on a date. Will they like me? Will we get along? Will it be fun? Will there be a spark? The movies lead us to believe that dating is easy, that we’ll bump into a person, they’ll ask us out and it’ll turn out amazingly well.

However, this isn’t always the case. More and more of us are turning to alternative forms of dating in order to find that perfect partner.

Speed dating
Speed dating is the craze sweeping the country and involves going on a lot of ‘mini-dates’ in the space of one normal date.

You meet a whole host of people in a short space of time and decide on whether you want to see them again based on the first impression they give. If you mutually like each other, then you’ve got yourself a second date.

Online dating
The other new way of dating is through the internet. With adverts like Match.com airing on a daily basis, it makes finding that perfect partner look as easy as clicking a button. What they don’t tell you is that people create profiles out of boredom, to have fun and also to enter into something that would not be considered a relationship.

Traditional and contemporary
Even though these new ways were created as another way of dating apart from the conventional approach presented to us in stories and movies, they aren’t always guaranteed to work and we are often faced with the same kinds of questions. Will they like me? Will we get along?

Final word
It would seem that the true difficulty is plucking up the courage to take a chance like they do in the movies and just ask someone out rather than resorting to methods where we hide our feelings behind a computer keyboard or an anonymous ticking system. Dating is not as difficult as we make it out to be, we just need to take a leap of faith.

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