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The pros and cons of wedding DJs

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© andrewmalone (Flickr)
Choosing a DJ for my wedding

For couples who have decided to go for a wedding DJ, it is important that they choose a reputable DJ company to use.
It is best to choose one with plenty of experience and the sensitivity to perform at a wedding.

DJs for hire can be found in bridal magazines and bridal websites, however, word of mouth is a good way to locate a professional DJ.
If couples have booked their reception at a place popular for weddings, they can also ask the staff there, as they would have seen a few wedding DJs in their time.

Positive points

Most DJs provide a huge list of songs. You may choose a couple of songs and the DJs will also be able to play songs that they don’t have, if the couple provides them with the song on disc.
Musicians, on the other hand, may be restricted in their song list.

DJs also provide the lighting to create a ‘wedding disco’.

DJ can also work as the MC (Master of Ceremonies).

DJ can create atmosphere from the slow bridal dance to the late night partying.

DJ prices are much cheaper than bands and musicians. A DJ might cost from $400-600, however a band might cost $1000-4000 or more.

DJs can sometimes perform at ceremonies as well as the reception.
Negative points

DJs for hire might not be able to perform at the ceremony as well as the reception. Because they have a lot of large equipment to lug around, if the ceremony is not at the same place (such as, a garden ceremony), the couple will need to hire a soloist as well or provide music on CD for the ceremony.

Ask the DJ to wear a suit on the night. Nothing would look worse than a daggy DJ amidst all that formal attire.

Make sure you select a lot of songs to play during dinner as well as dance time. That way the DJ will be able to play the appropriate songs at the appropriate times.

Final word

Don’t allow guests to ask the DJ for requests. This could result in your drunken relatives choosing obscure or inappropriate songs that would spoil the mood.

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