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Ranvir Singh confirmed for Strictly Come Dancing

Ranvir Singh of Good Morning Britain will be one of the protagonists of the show Strictly Come Dancing 2020 and said he is excited.

Ranvir Singh Strictly Come Dancing
Ranvir Singh Strictly Come Dancing

Ranvir Singh, a Good Morning Britain presenter, was announced as confirmed for Strictly Come Dancing 2020. She was thrilled being a part of the show and admitted she had no idea how the isolation would work on the show.

Ranvir Singh will appear on this year’s Strictly Come Dancing

The GMB presenter said she felt nervous to take part as her only dancing experience was at weddings, and she denied being excited for the “Strictly curse”, but admitted: “Well, I am single!”.

Asked if she was isolating with the cast, she replied: “I have been working through the whole pandemic, I feel like I ought to have all the answers because my job is to have the answers.

I haven’t been able to [isolate], I’ve got my son and I’ve got my mum in my house, but they know my situation and they’ve accepted it.”

She also said that the kids go back to school this week so the country is changing but the truth is we have got a lot of time until the show goes back on the air. In it’s mid-October.

The 43-year-old woman is unaware yet who she would be partnered with. Ranvir said “I am a statement. The initial feeling of being confirmed for Strictly is one of complete terror – feels like embarking on a rollercoaster, where you really want to do it but you are equally scared.” She also hope after the first dance she will feel exhilarated rather than sick.

Other participants

Not only Ranvir who confirmed join the show, but also the Wanted singer Max George, comedian Caroline Quentin, American footballer Jason Bell and Olympic Gold medal boxer Nicola Adams have all been confirmed for the show.

The stars were unveiled on The One Show on Tuesday evening via video link, while Max was in the studio. Strictly intended to relax the rules so there will join up as the first same-sex pairing. So the couples should be male and female partnerships.

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