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Sirtfood diet, the secret of Adele ‘s weight loss journey

When she was signing a contract, most of the industry knew that if anyone ever dared to ask her to lose weight they would not work with her.

Sirtfood Diet Adele
The incredible change of Adele after the Sirtfood Diet

Superstar singer Adele is known for her wonderful voice. Many people are familiar with her hits, such as Rolling in the Deep and Someone Like You. In early 2020, she was barely recognisable to her fans with her drastically slimmed-down appearance after the Sirtfood Diet.

The Sirtfood Diet followed by Adele

Adele was seen looking noticeably slimmer whilst on a beach in Anguilla and in August, she looked unrecognisable in a Notting Hill Carnival photo she posted on her instagram. How did she lose so much weight in such a short time?

Adele has been following the Sirtfood Diet, which encourages slimmers to eat a plant-based diet including foods such as kale and buckwheat. Surprisingly, the diet also allows its followers to eat dark chocolate and drink red wine, products which are high in sirtuins. Sirtuin helps to suppress appetite and activates the body’s “skinny gene”.

The Reformer Pilates

Not only that, but the singer also took up Reformer Pilates with instructor, Camila Goodis who revealed: “I don’t believe she liked exercise much but she has changed her lifestyle and I believe that 90 per cent was dieting.” According to Camilla, the secret to Adele’s weight loss is giving up processed food, sugar and fizzy drinks. She also suggested it was down to “a healthy balanced diet, eating fewer calories a day and expending more energy”.

Adele had, in previous years, stated that shedding the pounds was not a priority. She even revealed that she refused to work with anybody who had an issue with her size. Some Adele fans voiced concerns and worries over her drastic weight loss while others defended it and her decision to reach her ideal weight.

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