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National Hugging Day: 6 safe alternatives

With the Covid pandemic placing restrictions on human contact, people are having to get creative to celebrate National Hugging Day.

National Hugging Day
National Hugging Day

With hugs rendered impossible due to Covid restrictions, people will have to get creative to celebrate National Hugging Day today.

6 alternatives to hugging

Drink a cup of tea

Tea can make you feel comfortable. So do not hesitate to brew yourself a cup of comfort with your favourite tea or even coffee.

If you want something more calming, try chamomile, spearmint, or lemongrass. These kinds of teas can reduce anxiety and give effects like hugs.

Soak with bath bombs

Washing can keep you feeling fresh and release stress so have a warm bath.

Use your favourite soap or bath bombs to allow yourself a moment of self-care with a luxurious bath. It is the perfect way to give yourself a sort of “hug.”. Don’t forget to infuse it with calming essential oils.

Weighted blankets

These heavier-than-usual blankets have gained popularity in the past few years since laying them over yourself mimics the feeling of a hug or being held and, in turn, may calm the nervous system.

Get in the spirit

Decorate your room or house to boost your spirit. Small things you can do like leaving Christmas and New Year decorations stay up longer than usual in your room or house. The decorations can bring on feelings of joy for those who connect them to happy memories.

Lean on your pets

You may not be able to hug your loved ones, but you can still hug your pets. Research shows owning a pet can help combat loneliness, so go ahead and give (and get) some extra love from your furry family members whenever you’re feeling isolated at home.

Mental hugs

It’s okay if you feel sad, especially during the pandemic. You can take a break and hug your mind with some guided meditation. Meditation apps have been on the rise and can help you find the calmness you usually get with hugs. Looking for something more physical? Amp up your meditation with some stretching or yoga, with some poses even including self-holding or hugging elements.


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