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Netflix: the new unmissable releases of January 2021

Below an overview on the new releases of Netflix planned for 2021,

The new releases on Netflix of 2021

Netflix is preparing to face the new year with an increasingly vast catalog of new releases. The Netflix Originals lineup for the first month of 2021 is already full of big new movies and TV series. Let’s see below what is currently lined up on Netflix fot the next year.

Netflix: the new releases in TV series

First of all, let’s talk about the new releases in the context of TV series.

The first days of January, Netflix will debut with some scheduled news. Among these, there are the first seasons of:

  • Headspace Guide to Meditation (January 1st).

    Netflix will be releasing a new animated series designed to help you to realx, meditate and sleep.

  • Gabby’s Dollhouse (January 5th). It is a new pre-school animated series based on the toy line of the same name.
  • History of Swear Words (January 5th). The protagonist of this new series is Nichols Cage. The actor presents this docuseries in which he will teach you the origin of some of your favorite curse words.
  • Surviving Death (January 6th). British docu-series based on published stories that looks into research on near-death experiences and the paranormal.
  • Lupin (January 8th). It represents a new modern adaptation of Arsene Lupin, with Omar Sy playing the role of Assane Diop.

Let’s move now to the other new releases. Among the most awaited by the public, Netflix kicks off January 2021 with the third season of Cobra Kai. Its release was initially scheduled for the 8th, but the Karate Kid sequel series was brought forward to New Year’s Eve.

Another highly anticipated release is that of the second season of Monarca. It will be released on January 1st. The Spanish-language series will start the year with even higher stakes than the first season. The series focuses on the criminal underbelly in Mexico following a multi-generational family involved in a business empire unlike any other.

Netflix: the new releases in movies

On the other hand, Netflix will inaugurate the new TV season of 2021 with many new features also related to movies. The catalog is very large but we will try to give it a general look.

The first days of January will have among the protagonists Pieces of a Woman. The movie will be released on January 7th and it represents one of the big pickups for Netflix from the various film festivals from 2020. The heart-wrenching story follows a couple after the loss of their baby due to malpractice from the one tasked with delivering it.

Let’s move on. Another new release in terms of movie is “The White Tiger”. It will be released on January 22st. With this movie, Netflix will be kickstarting its major 2021 slate of new Indian content. It talks about a man’s rise from a poor villager to a hugely successful businessman in India.

Also “The dig” is among the new releases scheduled for January. It will be avaible on the platform from January 29th. It represents a period drama set just slightly before the Secon World War. Moreover, it sees a wealthy widow hiring an archaeologist to excavate her estate and they stumble on something that has the potential to change their lives.

Among the other releases there will be “Full Out 2: You Got This!” (January 1st), “Rocketman” (between January 2st and 5th) and “The Nun” (between January 15th and 16th).


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