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Ronnie Wood fought cancer for the second time

The Rolling Stones' guitarist, Ronnie Wood, announces that he fought cancer for the second time.

Ronnie Wood fought cancer
Ronnie Wood

Ronnie Wood, the guitarist for The Rolling Stones, announces that he fought cancer for the second time during the pandemic. He also says he’s freed himself from evil again.

Ronnie Wood fought cancer again

The 73-year-old guitarist said he recently discovered that he has a form of cancer that usually affects the prostate or lungs.

Already a few years ago, in 2017, the man fought against lung cancer. It was removed a lung in an operation long 5 hours. He says that he had this form of small cell cancer during the pandemic blockade that he fought recently.

Wood was finally able to claim that he is free of cancer, according to what his doctors told him. He says that his healing is due to a higher power. Wood also smoked too much and turned to rehabilitative treatment several times, as he consumed about 30 cigarettes a day and for 50 years.

He says that his destiny depends only on this higher power and he can only welcome him by remaining positive and serene with his attitude.

He also states that his family was instrumental in the struggle, but also art. It helped him to express himself and get lost.

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