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How to serve Italian cheese: condiments

19 April, 2020
There are many Italian cheeses that you can treat yourself to, and often the enjoyment is increased by choosing the right side serve for your cheese. With soft cheeses, aged cheese and everything right down to the simple ricotta or…

Italian cheese appears on postal stamps: made in Italy food

13 April, 2020
Italian cheese is being celebrated on the country’s postal stamps as part of a marketing initiative to celebrate “Made in Italy” products. Only select cheeses are being represented and in the future we will find: mozzarella di bufala, gorgonzola, parmigiano…

Italian snack recipes: parmesan pudding

6 April, 2020
We’ve looked at plenty of Italian snacks here on Dolce Vita, but this is the first I’ve heard of anything like this Italian cheese snack. If you’re going to throw an Italian snack party, you could try this “parmesan cheese…

Italian snack recipes: mozzarella and olive balls

5 April, 2020
This Italian recipe is quick and easy to prepare; in no time you will have a delicious snack!Ingredients; Manitoba flour; I/2 cup warm water; yeast; 1 teaspoon sugar; stoned black and green olives; mozzarella cubes; oil; salt.Directions: mix the sugar…

Olive oil festival in Cetona, Tuscany

2 April, 2020
The Tuscan olive oil festival of Cetona, in Val di Chiana takes place this weekend from December 5 to 7 after many days of hard work to finish the olive harvest for this year. The extra virgin olive oil festival…

Traditional Italian products: mustard from Cremona

30 March, 2020
Mention the word mustard and most Italians will screw up their nose and give you a tirade on how disgusting the food is in Germany and how the last time they went there they spent three days on a diet.…

Happy hour in Rome at Ballantine's American Bar

29 March, 2020
If you’re looking for great happy hour in Rome, try the American Bar Ballantine’s when next you’re in the eternal city. It’s located on via Salvatore di Giacomo, 19/23 and has jumped on board the current trend of happy hour…

Italian summer recipes: insalata di farro

26 March, 2020
Italy has a wonderful culinary tradition of using locally grown beans, legumes, and grains one type of which is the ‘farro’ or spelt grain. It is a lot like barley but has a nutty flavour due to the drying process…