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Hancock to deliver press conference on vaccine rollout plan

Health Secretary Matt Hancock will hold a press conference today on a new vaccine rollout plan to help the NHS facing this 'dangerous situation'.


New mass jab centres have opened to the public today after UK Government decided to implement super hubs in order to help the work of NHS, which is currently facing a very ‘dangerous situation’.

Hancock to deliver vaccine rollout plan

Seven new mass jab hubs opened across England to help the NHS to vaccinate 14 million people by mid-February, which is the Government’s target according to reports. The mega vaccine centres will deliver jabs to people aged 80 and over along with healthcare staff. The seven mega centres are new regional hubs that opened today in different locations across England, including a race-course and football stadiums, from Manchester to London.

This comes as hospital mortuaries in Surrey have said to be full to capacity. Reportedly ministers have met twice yesterday to discuss further lockdown rules as the country has now about 30,000 people hospitalized for covid and records dangerously high daily covid rates, only yesterday the cases registered were 54,940.

Ministers have been considering new tougher restriction to tackle the dangerous spread of the virus. Health Secretary Matt Hancock will deliver the new vaccine rollout plan later today. Meanwhile, the Government urges people to follow coronavirus measures, staying home wherever possible and wearing masks.


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