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Mount Etna in Italy erupted red-hot lava

For more than an hour yesterday fountains of lava and ash over Catania. No danger for people, houses, or villages, as the flows remain within the Bove Valley.

Mount Etna had a spectacular eruption last night by spewed smoke and ashes. It made some flights cancelled. The eruption began at the southeastern crater on Tuesday afternoon and sent columns of ash raising more than 3,000 feet into the air.

Mount Etna has erupted, sending smoke and ash into the sky

Catania’s airport (Sicily, Italy) should be closed because small stones and dirt raining from the sky. Then emergency service in the nearby villages of Linguaglossa, Fornazzo, and Milo was on alert. Locals taken footage showed that smoke glowing red and yellow stretching for miles across the evening sky as red-hot lava poured from the snow-capped summit.

Experts classified the eruption as Strombolian activity. It is a moderate eruption with continuous but relatively mild blasts and a shower of incandescent cinders, rocks, and lava fragments. The most extreme form of volcanic activity is Plinian eruptions. It characterised by explosive outbursts generating a dense mixture of gas and volcanic fragments that move at tremendous speed.

Etna is the largest volcano in Europe at nearly 11,000 feet tall and 24 miles wide. It is also the second most active on Earth, after Hawaii’s Mount Kilauea. The 700,000-year-old volcano situated between the African and Eurasian tectonic plates and generates nearly constant eruptions of varying degrees. Until now, soldiers used controlled explosions to divert the lava flow.


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