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Climate change

Mount Etna in Italy erupted red-hot lava

17 February, 2021
For more than an hour yesterday fountains of lava and ash over Catania. No danger for people, houses, or villages, as the flows remain within the Bove Valley.

The Most Popular Fake News About Climate Change

26 February, 2020
Denialists have always been there, ever since we started talking about global warming. Yet the reality is now before everyone's eyes, amid increasingly extreme natural events, crop losses, endangered animals and the many other effects of climate change. However, influential people…

How Climate Change Affects Rainfall Today in Our Hemisphere

17 February, 2020
How is climate change affecting rainfall today? Researchers at the National Center for Atmospheric Research (NCAR) have tried to answer this question. To do so, they have developed an innovative approach, based on precipitation weather data from the last century…

Earthworms Are Among the Most Important Animals on the Planet

20 January, 2020
The earthworm is certainly not an animal that many people pay attention to. Yet it is one of the most important living things on the planet. Without earthworms, in fact, the soil would not have characteristics suitable for plant growth.…

Humboldt, The Romantic Scientist Who Foretold Climate Change

20 January, 2020
He was a German naturalist, explorer, geographer and botanist. But above all, he was the pioneering scientist who for the first time observed, documented and analysed climate change over two hundred years ago. We are talking about Alexander von Humboldt.…

30% of the World Is at Risk of Desertification, the UN Warns

14 November, 2019
A third of our planet's land is at risk of desertification. If no action is taken to stop soil deterioration, those areas may soon no longer be suitable for cultivation. The alarm was launched by the 14th Conference on Desertification,…

Sea Level Rising Will Have Worse Consequences Than Expected

7 November, 2019
We may have underestimated the consequences of sea level rising. At least, that is what a new study published in Nature Communications has shown. According to the two researchers at Princeton who conducted it, this phenomenon could lead to the disappearance…

How Climate Change Could Affect Your Holiday Destination

4 October, 2019
There has been much talk in the past years about climate change. However, still many people have not realized how the consequences of this phenomenon are influencing our lives. More specifically, climate change has a great impact on many parts…