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Jenny Jones proposes a curfew at 6 pm for men

The proposal of Jenny Jones: curfew at 6 pm for men. So women feel safer

House of Lords

Following what happened to Sarah Everard, Jenny Jones, Baroness of the Green Party, proposed a curfew for men at 6 pm, so that women are safe.

The suggestion of the baroness Jenny Jones

The peer has told the House of Lords that the next appropriate bill would like to introduce an amendment to create a curfew for men after 6 p.m., so that women feel safer and discrimination is drastically reduced.

After her claims, Mrs Jones claims to have received many misogynist tweets and e-mails, and this, in her opinion, would demonstrate her point of view and thinking about the problem of men. He then made it clear to LBC that his claims were made in an ironic way, following the fact that the London police had advised women not to go out alone and no one seemed to react. In this way he showed how, to say the same to men, instead provokes reactions and protests.

State Minister for Universities, Michelle Donelan, said that the case of Sarah Everard was a “rare incident”; nevertheless it is right that everyone, men or women alike, and should feel safe and at ease as they walk the streets.

As for the Everard case, the police officer remains in custody after arrest on charges of murder and kidnapping of the woman and a separate charge of indecent exposure. The Home Secretary, Mrs Patel, said in The Sun that, although such incidents are rare, they are extremely worrying and should be avoided.

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