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Missing Sarah Everard: police officer arrested

Investigation on Sarah Everard: not yet found, but arrested a metropolitan policeman and a woman.

A week after the disappearance of 33-year-old marketing executive Sarah Everard, a Metropolitan Police officer was arrested. Meanwhile, everything possible is being done to find Sarah. The officer was arrested last Tuesday evening at an address in Kent (where a woman was also arrested on suspicion of assisting) and remains in custody at a London police station.

Sarah Everard : The chronology of the disappearance

Sarah Everard disappeared after leaving a friend’s home in Clapham, south London, around 9:00 pm on 3 March. On her way home, she would also call her boyfriend and agree to meet him the next day. The last time she was seen, she was wearing a green rain jacket, dark blue pants and turquoise and orange sneakers, and she was thought to be wearing green earbuds and a white cap.

How did the events take place?

On March 6, the alarm is raised for the disappearance of Ms Everard, also because it is not in his habits and his character not to feel family and friends for so long. Police released a closed-circuit image of Sarah and initially thought that she had crossed Clapham Common to his home in Brixton, which was supposed to last about 50 minutes.

March 7: Police released footage from a private camera showing Mrs Everard walking alone along A205 Poynders Road to Tulse Hill, south of Brixton. It’s unclear, of course, whether she got to her house or not.

March 8: Scotland Yard says it is open to assessing all the possibilities of Ms Everard’s disappearance. Specialized officers have been enlisted by the entire Metropolitan Police Force who claim to have received over 120 calls on the case and ask anyone with a dashcam or other relevant footage to come forward.

As of March 9, police use sniffer dogs to search gardens in the streets near the route planned for Mrs Everard’s home and the nearby Oaklands estate. In the meantime, they release new images of Mrs Everard in the coat she was wearing at the time of her disappearance.

Late in the evening of the same day, police announced that they had arrested a police officer at an address in Kent and that it may be related to the disappearance of Ms Everard.
Nick Ephgrave, the deputy commissioner, says that it is both disturbing and shocking that the man is a police officer on duty. The man is held in custody, along with the woman arrested because she is suspected of providing assistance to a delinquent.


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