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Wednesday 26 May supermoon in the UK

Next Wednesday people will admire the supermoon, especially at its highest point.


On Wednesday evening people will be able to admire the supermoon, which on that day will appear much brighter and bigger. This moon can also be called “flower moon”, in relation to the flowering.

Supermoon on Wednesday

Although the maximum illumination will be in the evening of May 26, in reality it will be possible to see the moon even from dawn.

In fact, at that moment, it is at the point closest to Earth. In fact, a greenwich astronomer, Mrs Patricia Skelton, says that the two perfect moments to observe the event will be the sunrise or the evening after sunset. She explained that this event occurs at the moment when the full moon occurs at the same time as it is at the point closest to the earth, which is the perigee.

Anyway, the supermoon will rise to the east about half an hour after sunset and will be visible for the entire night. It will be visibly larger (14%) and bright (30%) in the eyes of those who observe it. To have a great view and enjoy the show, Mrs Skelton suggests to look at it when it is at the highest point.

At the same time as the supermoon, there will also be an eclipse so that it will become red. However, unfortunately, this event will not be visible in the UK. This change of color from yellow to red, happens because the moon will move adrift in the shadow of the Earth, explains again Mrs Skelton.


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