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Covid: if Boris Johnson is out of action, who runs the country?

Who will assume the responsibilities of Boris Johnson if he cannot work because of Covid?

Who will run the country if Johonson can't?
Who will replace Johnson?

UK Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, showed mild symptoms and has tested positive for Coronavirus on March 27. He started self-isolating in his official residence at 10 Downing Street and has said that he will continue to lead the country while in isolation. Now, Johnson admitted he has to go to the hospital for tests. The tests are part of the “precautionary step” due to Johnson’s lingering symptoms. He’s expected to stay in the hospital overnight. Then a thought arises, who will run the country if Boris Johnson should take several days in an isolating room at the hospital?

Who will run the country?

Dominic Raab, the first secretary of state, the prime minister’s de facto deputy, will be expected to stand in for Boris Johnson if he is unable to work because of Coronavirus. Even if other ministers have been more visible during the Covid-19 outbreak, such as health secretary Matt Hancock and the chancellor, Rishi Sunak, he has to take up the prime minister’s responsibilities if Johnson were unable to work even perform.

Until now, Johnson can still continue to work by video link. However Raab was expected to chair the government’s Coronavirus meeting on Monday morning. Despite Raab’s duties, Johnson remained in charge. Raab was a prominent figure in the 2016 Vote Leave campaign, sent out to tour TV studios and staff up the spin rooms for debates.

Different from Michael Gose, who has a dramatic intervention during the leadership contest which has been forgiven but not forgotten. Then Raab is implicitly trusted by Johnson and his team. Also unlike Gove, he resigned rather than accept Theresa May’s Brexit deal, seen as the ultimate test of a true believer. Dominic Cummings and Lee Cain would be replaced by Conservative campaign director Isaac Levido. Cummings also displayed symptoms of Coronavirus last weekend. While Raab himself has tested negative for Coronavirus.


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