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Grant Shapps hinted about self-isolation for travellers

The Transport Secretary Grant Shapps said that British people will be able to fly abroad thanks to a new regime of Covid-19 testing.

Brits will be able to travel out of Bitain according to Transport Minister

Today Britain received a good news about travels. The Transport Secretary, Grant Shapps, announced that British people could be able to fly abroad for the Christmas holidays. Mr Shapps hinted a reduction of the quarantine and self-isolation period for travellers.

The new Covid testing will allow to travel out of Britain

According to Mr. Shapps, this is due to the introduction of a new Covid-19 testing. It will allow airports and airlines to get Britain flying again. The Transport Minister said LBC Radio that it will consist of a single test for arrivals into the UK provided by the private sector at a cost to the passenger, allowing them a much-reduced period of self-isolation.

Beyond the lockdown, this should encourage more people to be able to book flights with confidence, knowing there is an option which allows them to shorten self-isolation if they’re going somewhere which isn’t in – or does become outside – a travel corridor.” Mr Shapps revealed.

Moreover, asked if it could be brought down from two weeks to one, he said: “We have said we’re actively working on that (reducing both the quarantine and self-isolation periods) and I’ll be saying more about the international side of that very soon”. However, he admitted he was confident.

The Global Travel Taskforce

Mr Shapps actually is the co-chairman of the Government’s Global Travel Taskforce. The task force was set up last month to consider measures to support the sector.

He said: “We set up a global travel taskforce, we have been working on this with the industry, with the scientific advisers, and we are very close to conclusions on that which we will be able to announce very, very quickly.” However, he wanted to make clear that the move was dependent on the state of the epidemic in the UK, with “very worrying” figures yesterday showing a record number of cases, and particularly the growing number of deaths.

Last week, in a speech to the annual conference of trade body the Airport Operators Association, he said that the government have been making very good progress on a test to release programme, to launch once the country is out of this lockdown.

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