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Alfa giulietta

Alfa Milano debut postponed, possible name change

18 April, 2020
Last minute controversy surrounds the Alfa Milano debut, scheduled for today, with the date being changed and a possible name change in the works. The controversy over the name arises from tension between Alfa Romeo and its Milanese workers, who…

Alfa Romeo Giulietta new videos: cold weather testing

9 April, 2020
These two videos show the new Alfa Giulietta on the snow in cold weather testing, although it’s still heavily camouflaged. The Giulietta will be officially presented at the 2010 Geneva Motor Show and while some official pics have already been…

Alfa Giulietta configurator online

6 April, 2020
The new Alfa Romeo Giulietta car configurator is online and it’s definitely worth a look if you’re considering buying an Alfa Giulietta. Who would have said it would look this good in black, for example? You can play around with…

Alfa Romeo Giulietta spy pics interior

25 March, 2020
These spy shots of the Alfa Romeo Giulietta would seem to confirm the style of the interior, which we have seen from other shots collected from the internet. Official pics of the Alfa Giulietta were already released some time back,…

Italian car design: the new Alfa Romeo Giulietta video

23 March, 2020
This video of Alfa Romeo’s new car, the Giulietta hatchback which replaces the Alfa 147, shows all the classic, sexy pedigree of the Italian brand. This year Alfa Romeo celebrates 100 years and the new Giulietta is hopefully going to…

Alfa Romeo Giulietta DNA: Giulietta track ESP test

19 March, 2020
The Alfa Giulietta in Quadrifoglio Verde version seen in this video is being used to demonstrate the Alfa DNA system and the Giulietta equipped with ESP. While we already have an idea of the three suspension modes for standard, sports…

Alfa Romeo Giulietta at 2010 Geneva Motor Show

18 March, 2020
New pics of the Alfa Giulietta have been released as it nears its 2010 Geneva Motor Show debut. New technical details have also been made available for the first “Compact” platform model for Fiat, known as the C-Evo. While still…