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Alfa Romeo Giulietta spy pics interior

These spy shots of the Alfa Romeo Giulietta would seem to confirm the style of the interior, which we have seen from other shots collected from the internet.
Official pics of the Alfa Giulietta were already released some time back, but testing is still continuing with slight camouflage, before the unveiling at the 2010 Geneva Motor Show.

These are turbulent times for Alfa Romeo and a lot rests on the Giulietta being a success for the brand in the midst of a review.
The Alfa Giulietta interior had been planned, but among the rather chaotic release of the first pics, the official interior became unofficial as Alfa planned to modify it and block the official photos being released, apparently on specific request of Sergio Marchionne.

The Giulietta interior is quite similar to those unofficial first pics, with some modifications being made to the central compartment of the dash.
In the place of the integrated radio in the same colour as the rest of the interior, we now see a standard space that looks set to accommodate an audio system based on customer choice.

Or, we could also be looking at an entry-level Giulietta where the space originally dedicated to the navigation unit has been converted into a storage spot.
Other aspects of the interior, including the shape of the air conditioning vents, the steering wheel and the gear level now seem confirmed.
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