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2010 geneva motor show

Opel Ampera first official pic

21 April, 2020
The Opel Ampera’s first image has been released, although the presentation as such is actually a trip from Rüsselsheim to Geneva, where it will likely appear at the 2010 Geneva Motor Show. The Opel Ampera is the European sister to…

Alfa Milano debut postponed, possible name change

18 April, 2020
Last minute controversy surrounds the Alfa Milano debut, scheduled for today, with the date being changed and a possible name change in the works. The controversy over the name arises from tension between Alfa Romeo and its Milanese workers, who…

Geneva preview: Volkswagen Polo GTI and CrossPolo

15 April, 2020
The new Volkswagen Polo GTI and Volkwagen CrossPolo will be presented at the 2010 Geneva motor show, marking the further development of the new Polo range. The Polo GTI is the sports model and the CrossPolo has been designed as…

Mercedes F800 Style pics: Geneva show preview

11 April, 2020
The Mercedes F800 Style Concept Car will appear at the 2010 Geneva Motor Show as the company prepares its coupe-sedan design for the replacement of the Mercedes CLC. I have to admit that I wasn’t expecting something quite so sexy…

Alfa Romeo Giulietta new videos: cold weather testing

9 April, 2020
These two videos show the new Alfa Giulietta on the snow in cold weather testing, although it’s still heavily camouflaged. The Giulietta will be officially presented at the 2010 Geneva Motor Show and while some official pics have already been…

Audi RS5 leaked pics

1 April, 2020
A brochure for the Audi RS5 has leaked official pics of the model prior to its 2010 Geneva Motor Show presentation. The Audi RS5 is the extreme sports version of the A5 coupé, put together by the Quattro GmbH division.…

Audi RS5 official pics: Geneva show preview

29 March, 2020
Here are the official pics of the Audi RS5, whose debut will take place at the 2010 Geneva Motor Show. Audi has released the photos after a brochure leaked the first RS5 pics. The vehicle will be equipped with a…

Alfa Romeo Giulietta spy pics interior

25 March, 2020
These spy shots of the Alfa Romeo Giulietta would seem to confirm the style of the interior, which we have seen from other shots collected from the internet. Official pics of the Alfa Giulietta were already released some time back,…

Alfa Romeo Giulietta at 2010 Geneva Motor Show

18 March, 2020
New pics of the Alfa Giulietta have been released as it nears its 2010 Geneva Motor Show debut. New technical details have also been made available for the first “Compact” platform model for Fiat, known as the C-Evo. While still…

Volkswagen Touareg revealed in scale model pics

18 March, 2020
These Volkswagen Touareg “spy shots” actually show a scale model of the new SUV, which is being planned for a spring debut. The new Touareg will fit the Volkswagen family nicely, with the next generation planned with a front end…