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The 10 best road-going rally cars ever

Rallies have gone on for many years now and despite its age, racing cars still gain new fans even now. That said we are looking at retro vehicles and so here are our top 10 rally cars of all time.

Top 10 best car names

Cars have names and names are social identifiers. It is important then to choose the right one. In those cases, the creative department have made the right choice.

10 best luxury sedans in 2020

This top 10 best luxury sedans list will give you some ideas on how to spend your money. These are occasions that can’t be missed.

How to restore your classic car

22 May, 2020
© itsallgood classy car for sale © itsallgood Skill setThe first thing you want to consider when undertaking a restoration project is your own skill level. Many would be restorers simply bite off more than they can chew when restoring…

Saab cars: strengths and weaknesses

22 May, 2020
© (Flickr) Saab cars: Strengths and weaknesses © (Flickr) History Saab is well versed at designing and producing fine cars. With its roots grounded in the manufacturing of aircrafts, Saab began its long-time business of producing the automobile since 1947.…

Bigger isn't always better

22 May, 2020
© INZEOS New Mini (left) is much larger than the original. © INZEOS We all acknowledge that cars have evolved over the years. Perhaps the most overlooked change is the gradual increase in size and weight. During the 80’s the…

Problems with overheating engines

22 May, 2020
© WikiMedia (Wikimedia) Category:Centrifugal superchargers Category:Superchargers Category:Arm © WikiMedia (Wikimedia) A troubleshooting solution can be seen when you start the engine, turn your air conditioning on, if the cooling fan does not instantly activate then check the fan motor fuse,…

Petrol saving tips

22 May, 2020
© Vitezslav Halamka petrol station 2 © Vitezslav Halamka The easiest way to reduce your cars petrol consumption is to drive less aggressively - pulling away from junctions slowly and gradually, or just sticking to the speed limit can seriously…

Volkswagen passat cars: strengths and weaknesses

22 May, 2020
© (Flickr) Volkswagen Passat cars: Strengths and Weaknesses © (Flickr) Strengths The Volkswagen Passat car has several strengths. Whether it a new car or a used one, it appears that the VW Group tends to inspire loyalty in its customers.…