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Freddie the seal dies as a result of the injuries caused by a dog attack

The seal, nicknamed Freddie Mercury, who became popular after his numerous appearances by the Thames, has been euthanised after a dog attacked him on Sunday.

The famous seal nicknamed Freddie Mercury in the Thames dies after a dog attack

Freddie the seal dies afterwards a brown dog attacked him on the bank of River Thames. Treatments couldn’t save the common seal, named after Freddie Mercury, who became popular in the last few weeks.

Freddie the seal dies as a result of the injuries caused by a dog attack

The attack took place around 12.45 pm on Sunday. Passers-by rushed to the Freddie’s aid, and afterwards he has transported to the South Essex Wildlife Hospital for treatment.

British Divers Marine Life Rescue (BDMLR) declared that Freddie the seal suffered many injuries, including a fractured flipper and a dislocated joint.

As his prognosis was “extremely poor”, the hospital decided that the fairest thing to do would be to euthanise him.

Unfortunately, Freddie isn’t the only seal who dies by the Thames, his case is not a one-off. The hospital said they have treated numerous seals and begs people to keep their dogs away from seals.

This sad affair – said BDMLR – underscored the problem of coexistence between human and wildlife. Hopefully, this story will educate people to behave respectfully towards wild animals.

Zoological Society of London’s Thames Marine Mammal Survey counted 117 sightings of seals in or by the River Thames this year. Though common and grey seals often show up by the Thames, it’s very rare for seals to return to the same place several times.

Freddie, who has been repeatedly spotted on the banks of River Thames in the last few weeks, had become a local celebrity and locals have taking care of him.

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