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The entire Europe risks to be inserted in the red list with fines of £ 5.000

European people are accused of refusing the vaccine: that's why the whole of Europe risks being placed on the red travel list.


Europe is in danger of being put on the red list as far as travel is concerned, and UK citizens risk fines if they travel without proven needs, says the Health Minister.

Europe at risk of red list: details

Mr Tory Lord Bethell has announced the possibility that the ban on travelling from the United Kingdom will be extended to Europe, including France and Germany, because they are accused of not submitting and refusing vaccinations. In fact, if in the UK more than 50% of adults have already received at least one dose of vaccines, in Europe only 10% have been vaccinated.

In addition, until a few days ago, in many European countries, the administration of the AstraZeneca vaccine had been suspended (despite assurances that it was safe) for the doubt that it was related to blood clots that occurred in very few people compared to all those who had been vaccinated.

Besides the fact that Europe risks the red list, new rules have been introduced whereby a holiday ban is imposed and fines of £5000 is paid if a citizen tries to leave the country without a reasonable reason.

However, introducing the whole of Europe into the red list is not a concrete project. Health Secretary Matt Hancock has downplayed the minister’s warning, saying to LBC that there are still no plans to put the whole of Europe on the red list: he said that they have this red list, but they also have an amber list, which is working effectively at the moment, so it will remain in force for now.

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