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Alfa Romeo: 159 plans, Duetto dreams

Alfa Romeo’s aim to reach 300,000 unit sales a year remains, despite delaying the US re-launch and the general global economic climate at the moment.
To achieve this goal though, Alfa will have to undertake the roll-over from the current range, to the new, relatively quickly.

This includes the 159 range, which is quite young and already suffering from the faults of its predecessors, for example the heavy weight, which penalises the Brera and Spider sports models.

From next year however, according to De Meo, things will change significantly, thanks to the arrival of a new generation of engines with highlights in the 1.

4L and 1.
8L T-jet.
The 159 model won’t be receiving any susbstantial updates for 2009, leaving space for a completely new model which will apparently be more compact and lighter, and that will be equipped with smaller engines.
De Meo is also proving good at leaving little teasing pearls around when talking to journalists, saying, “If I had to imagine the equivalent of a Fiat 500 under the Alfa Romeo brand, I wouldn’t hesitate in reviving the Duetto.
”The historic open-top from Alfa has won a place in the hearts of fans around the world, especially adored by Americans.

But even De Meo knows that business affairs can’t be done with just heart and soul, and so any heir to the Duetto will only be attempted if and when an opportunity presents itself.

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