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More pics of Megan Fox in Armani lingerie

21 April, 2020
Here we are with a new batch of photos showing Megan Fox in Armani lingerie. There’s no doubt that with these new hot ads, the American actress has given boost to her fading popularity; after saying goodbye to the Transformers…

David Beckham's new Emporio Armani ads

3 April, 2020
David Beckham is revving up for Emporio Armani Underwear new advertising campaign and tonight he will be in San Francisco to unveil a giant mural featuring one of his new sexy photos taken by Mer Alas and Marcus Piggott on…

Fashion bags: Sirena bag by Giorgio Armani

25 March, 2020
This new exquisite bag by Armani is made from the skin of a fish living only in Thailand; the skin after a series of technical treatments becomes so soft to the touch that can easily be turned into a sophisticated…