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Battlax bt-023

Valentino Rossi and Bridgestone's Battlax BT-023 (w/video)

22 April, 2020
Last March Bridgestone announced that they had made Valentino Rossi their consultant to promote “passion for motorcycling for users and enthusiasts all over Europe” and the Japanese tire manufacturer has released this video starring their “ambassador” promoting the Battlax BT-023.The…

Valentino Rossi explains Bridgestone's Battlax S20 w/video)

4 April, 2020
After Valentino Rossi’s first video as Bridgestone’s ‘ambassador,’ promoting the Japanese manufacturer’s Battlax BT-023 here’s the second giving the low down on the Battlax S20 tires.The Doctor becomes The Professor (he does have a degree honoris causa in communications from…