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Brutale 990r

MV Augusta 2010 Brutale presentation video

18 April, 2020
This close-up video from the Brutale presentation shows every aspect of the 2010 Brutale, up close and personal. If we could take it home for dinner, we would. While the video is in Italian, you can get a great idea…

MV Agusta 2010 Brutale 990R and 1090RR

29 March, 2020
Two engines will be available on the new MV Agusta Brutale for 2010: a 990cc and a 1090cc. The press will be testing the new bike today, and it’s looking good for the new year with new wheels, shock absorber…

MV Agusta Sales up 50%

29 March, 2020
MV Agusta introduced their 2010 Brutale 990R and the 1090RR at the 2009 EICMA show alongside the new F4 and they were a big success judging by the recent press release by the Italian company who is quoting over a…

MV Agusta back to Italy cartoon

16 March, 2020
This ‘go back home’ comic piece from the guys at Motoblog show the patriotic sentiment many had when MV Agusta returned to Italian ownership recently. Harley-Davidson basically paid Claudio Castiglioni to take back his brand only two years after Castiglioni…