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English lyrics

English lyrics "Ti amo" Umberto Tozzi

17 April, 2020
This is pure 1980’s Italian rock. Italian singer songwriter legend Umberto Tozzi sings live “Ti amo” in a rock anthem style. Below is an extract of the lyrics in English. This is one to sing along to. Enjoy.Umberto Tozzi “Ti…

Italian love songs: English lyrics to Perdono by Tiziano Ferro

16 April, 2020
This is a kind of semi-rap piece from Tiziano Ferro, taken from R Kelly’s “Did you ever think”, which has been successful around the world. Below is the translation of “Perdono” or “Forgive”.PerdonoTiziano FerroPerdono… si quel che è fatto è…

Laura Pausini live performance: video and english lyrics

3 April, 2020
This video shows just how loved Laura Pausini is by the Italian public, even with a kind of playback performance, she still manages to create plenty of emotion. In the video here, you can see Pausini perform on Italy’s “C’è…

Italian opera song "O Sole Mio" in punk version

1 April, 2020
“O sole mio” is one of Italy’s most famous songs, originally written in 1898 in the language of Napoli. It has since become a world renowned song, performed by operatic artists such as Enrico Caruso, Luciano Pavarotti (and The Three…

Italian music: English lyrics, Vasco Rossi vs Luciano Ligabue

23 March, 2020
Okay so once you’ve got past the strange choice of Queen’s “We will rock you”, this is a montage video comparing Vasco Rossi’s “Il mondo che vorrei” with Luciano Ligabue’s “Il centro del mondo” (or “The world I’d like” and…