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Art exhibition Italy: celebrating 500 years of Palladio

25 April, 2020
In Vicenza celebrations have begun to celebrate the fifth centenary of the birth of Andrea Palladio. In fact, on September 20 we will see the inauguration of “Palladio 500” at the Palazzo Barbaran da Porto.Blog dolce vita already reported on…

Passion, Yacht & Emotions: luxury fair in Venice

23 April, 2020
From February 19 to 22 a luxury yacht fair will take place in Venice at the Molino Stucky Hilton called “Passion, Yacht & Emotions”. It will be held at the same time as the first ever masked fair in Venice…

Italian art exhibitions: Milan photography

8 April, 2020
An art exhibition in Milan is likely to cause some furore which, knowing the Italians, will probably be a storm in a teacup. I myself, am personally interested in the Nuovi Volti di Milano or “new faces of Milan” exhibition,…

The sweet life: an Italian reality or a British practise?

28 March, 2020
In honour of our blog’s name, we decided to take a look at an “exhibition” that took place recently in London called “La dolce vita”. Less an exhibition and more a trade fair, the “dolce vita” event lists tourist operators,…