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Leonardo da vinci

Vigevano to host Leonardo da Vinci events

23 April, 2020
The town of Vigevano, near Pavia, will host a series of important events called “Leonardo e Vigevano” and devoted to one of the greatest geniuses in history: Leonardo da Vinci. Leonardo sojourned in Vigevano, back then part of the Milan…

Leonardo da Vinci's Atlantic Code on display in Milan

14 April, 2020
The city of Milan is hosting an extraordinary art exhibition called The Codice Atlantico or Atlantic Code and entirely devoted to one of the greatest geniuses of all time: Leonardo da Vinci. The famous Atlantic Code which is the largest…

Leonardo's Vitruvian Man on display in Venice

8 April, 2020
Leonardo da Vinci’s world famous Vitruvian Man is appearing in Venice for a short exhibition for the first time in seven years of not being on display to the public. The Gallerie dell’Accademia will host the precious drawing, which shows…

Italian requests to exhume body of Da Vinci

3 April, 2020
As if the Da Vinci Code weren’t enough, an Italian has lodged a formal request with France to exhume the body of Leonardo Da Vinci, from what is believed to be his tomb at Amboise, in the Loire, France. It’s…

Finger print reveals Leonardo da Vinci undiscovered painting

26 March, 2020
The “La bella principessa” painting could be a work of Leonardo da Vinci, according to reports. If that is the case, the painting (”Beautiful Princess” in English) of a woman dressed in Renaissance clothing, would be valued at millions of…

Milan goes for pillow fight record

24 March, 2020
The city of Milan is organising another public pillow fight, this time in April in the Piazza Leonardo da Vinci, and the city is hoping to beat the world pillow fight record. It stands at 10,000 people and is currently…

Naked Mona Lisas on display at Da Vinci, near Florence

23 March, 2020
The small town of Da Vinci is hosting a new and to some extent bizarre exhibition dedicated to one of the world’s most famous paintings: the Mona Lisa. The bizarre element I am referring to is the centrepiece of the…

Newly discovered Leonardo da Vinci portrait in exhibition

20 March, 2020
This previously undiscovered self-portrait of Leonardo da Vinci has been found and is now on display in Rome at the Santa Maria del Popolo basilica. The Da Vinci self-portrait, exhibited for the first time, shows the fascination with the artist…

'Leonardo Musuem' in Vinci, Tuscany reopens

19 March, 2020
The museum dedicated to Leonardo da Vinci in his hometown has reopened to the public, meaning you can tour Tuscany and enjoy a visit to the place dedicated to Italy’s genius. The museum is located in the Castello dei Conti…

Milan's La Scala in virtual reality

14 March, 2020
On Milano.arounder.com there are some Quick Time Virtual Reality panoramas of Milan’s La Scala opera house. Above is an image from the Royal Box and on the site indicated you can also find shots of Da Vinci’s theLast Supper in…