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Italian requests to exhume body of Da Vinci

As if the Da Vinci Code weren’t enough, an Italian has lodged a formal request with France to exhume the body of Leonardo Da Vinci, from what is believed to be his tomb at Amboise, in the Loire, France.
It’s just another bizarre twist in the myth of the Mona Lisa and the genius of Da Vinci.

The idea behind asking to exhume his body would be to examine the skull of Leonardo Da Vinci to determine whether the Mona Lisa (called the “La Gioconda” by Italians), is in fact, a self-portait of the artist.
What’s more, it seems that the French government may grant the request, and that the operation could take place by this summer.

It’s another step in the weird analyses taking place of the Mona Lisa, which include the study of the Mona Lise smile apparently due to high colesterol.
For more details on that take, see the The Telegraph.

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