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Italian art

14th-century fresco discovered in Rome

24 April, 2020
An old and precious fresco was discovered in Rome yesterday by a group of workmen who were redoing a room at the famous Campidoglio; the experts are now trying to give a name to its talented author; apparently the precious…

Amico Aspertini's masterpiece on display in Florence

22 April, 2020
From 16 December to 31 January the city of Florence will host an exhibition called Santi, Poeti, Navigatori; partly dedicated to Amico Aspertini, one of the most enigmatic and controversial artists of the Renaissance period, this amazing exhibition - which…

Milan' s Cathedral unveiled after a 20 million restoration

15 April, 2020
Marble monuments are frail things; smog and pollution are their true enemy, but thank heaven Milan’s Cathedral, one of the pearls of the city, has just been restored to its original beauty. The 20 million restoration work took five years,…

Italian painter Caravaggio's remains found

14 April, 2020
The remains of Italian painter Caravaggio have been found in a cemetery at Porto Ercole, in Grosseto. Via carbon dating and metal tests to determine the possible presence of lead and mercury residue (commonly used by painters), scientists are 85…

Art exhibitions in Italy: Melozzo da Forlì

12 April, 2020
There are artists which history forgot and this despite the seminal importance of their works. So we are glad to publish the news that a major exhibition dedicated to Melozzo da Forli, one of the most neglected and talented artists…

Italian art exhibitions: Milan photography

8 April, 2020
An art exhibition in Milan is likely to cause some furore which, knowing the Italians, will probably be a storm in a teacup. I myself, am personally interested in the Nuovi Volti di Milano or “new faces of Milan” exhibition,…

Caravaggio's Conversion of Paul (or Saul) on display in Milan

5 April, 2020
Our colleagues over at 02 blog told us about this amazing exhibition called Caravaggio a Milano or Caravaggio in Milan on display at Palazzo Marino in Milan until 14th December. Actually this exhibition consists of only one painting, The Conversion…

Italian requests to exhume body of Da Vinci

3 April, 2020
As if the Da Vinci Code weren’t enough, an Italian has lodged a formal request with France to exhume the body of Leonardo Da Vinci, from what is believed to be his tomb at Amboise, in the Loire, France. It’s…

Finger print reveals Leonardo da Vinci undiscovered painting

26 March, 2020
The “La bella principessa” painting could be a work of Leonardo da Vinci, according to reports. If that is the case, the painting (”Beautiful Princess” in English) of a woman dressed in Renaissance clothing, would be valued at millions of…

Roman summer: events in Rome for summer 2010

15 March, 2020
In this hot Italian summer we’re having, if you find yourself stuck in Rome and not at the beach there are plenty of things to do and see in the world of art and culture, some of which provide air…