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Art in Italy: exhibitions at the Palazzo Strozzi in Florence

Christmas in Italy is a great time to check out some special exhibitions around, and Florence for Christmas is living up to its status as the city of art.
The Palazzo Strozzi in Florence has six art exhibitions on display in the form of an Italian art subscription ticket which costs only 20 euros and is valid for the whole of 2009.

It could be a gift for someone who will be travelling to Italy or even living in Florence (in which case you hope they get an apartment with a spare bedroom).
The subscription ticket is valid for the following exhibitions: 1) Caterina and Maria de’ Medici: Powerful women.

Florence celebrates the legend of two French queens (from February 8th 2009).
2) Galileo.
Images of the universe from ancient times to the telescope (March 13 to August 30, 2009).
3) Deception in art.
Marvels from the trompe l’oeil ancient to contemporary (October 16 2009 to January 24 2010).
In the Strozzi contemporary culture centre: 4) The price and value of art.
Contemporary art and the market (until January 11, 2009).
5) Emerging Talents Award (January 23 to March 29 2009).
6) Green platform (April 24 to July 19 2009).

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