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BMW SCT 800 Superscooter design

14 April, 2020
This is Oberdan Bezzi’s vision of the new BMW maxi-scooter, the SCT 800 Superscooter. The sccoter has a twin cylinder, four valve engine of about 800cc, with power at nearly 70hp.The scooter shows the tipical BMW attention to detail in…

BMW Concept C video

14 April, 2020
The BMW E-Scooter concept has become the BMW Concept C (or vice versa, or not at all?) and apparently it could be ready for a production model launch by autumn. We suggest that after seeing last year’s EICMA concept, we…

Video Honda SW-T400

11 April, 2020
This is a video of the elegant Honda SW-T400, updated in 2009 with a new look and new performance which makes this a must-have maxi-scooter in terms of comfort and style. The name “Silver Wing” gives you some idea of…

Eicma 2008: Gilera GP850 Corsa maxi-scooter concept

10 April, 2020
Gilera has also produced a prototype for the Eicma show in the form of a concept scooter. It’s a new Gilera GP 850 Corsa which takes the engine and the GP 800 road chassis of the maxi-scooter, while other elements…

Piaggio USB hybrid concept at EICMA

18 March, 2020
Live at EICMA Piaggio has presented the hybrid USB “scooter”. USB in fact stands for Urban Sport Bike, a concept designed by Marco Lambri at Piaggio’s Pontedera Style Centre. The Piaggio USB is another step in the company’s exploration of…

Maxi-scooter Aprilia SR Max

18 March, 2020
We can’t help wondering if Aprilia thinks its SR Max scooter can’t stand on its own two wheels without draping a lady all over it in the official press shoot, but anyway here is some added eye candy for the…

2010 Yamaha T-Max in white

14 March, 2020
The Yamaha T-Max is turning ten and Yamaha has created a T-Max 500 White for 2010 to honour the occasion. The maxi-scooter was a revolution for touring scooters in the two-wheel world, combining a mix of technology and comfort that…