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Motorcycle commercials

Yamaha Super Ténéré XT 1200 Z Italian commercial

23 April, 2020
Yamaha Motors has launched this new ad campaign for the Super Ténéré XT 1200 Z, for those modern day Marco Polo explorers or Dakar riders that we’ve all dreamt to be at least once in our lives, with the tag…

Aprilia Porn

22 April, 2020
This is one of those banned motorcycle commercials that gets aired a couple of times and then yanked off TV because some group finds it offensive for some reason or another. Taking a look at the video and you’ll understand…

Harley Davidson commercial: Respect

21 April, 2020
Unlike Aretha Franklin’s song, “Respect”, nothing needs to be spelled out in this Harley Davidson commercial with a twist. Amusing enough, this is a simple commercial for a legend (and we’re not talking about the guy).

Funny Yamaha commercial from Italy

21 April, 2020
This is the first of a series of commericals by Yamaha Italy to promote their 2009 motorcycles and scooters line up.The theme behind the commercials is “Treat every Yamaha like it’s yours” and are directed by Palm d’Or Cannes Film…

Aprilia real bikes for real men video

15 April, 2020
This funny motorcycle video comes from Aprilia and takes a jab at those riding around on Italian superbikes just for the look of them (with Ducati in the number one spot on the list). We don’t need convincing that Aprilia…

Harley Davidson Ode to the Money (w/video)

10 April, 2020
This is how Jordan Harris and Matt Freund from UCSB perceived how a Harley Davidson commercial should be. Funny, outrageous and different from any other Harley commercial we’ve ever seen.

Bajaj loves Girls Fighting to Ride Pillion

9 April, 2020
Indian motorcycle manufacturer Bajaj must have an art director who loves to see women fighting and is a Matrix style fighting fan because this is the second video we’ve seen with two girls going at it to see who gets…

Ducati Multistrada Italian Commercials

6 April, 2020
We now know everything about the Ducati Multistrada 1200 and the latest push from Borgo Panigale is advertising and here are two commercials that will be aired on Italian TV during the MotoGP races (we have a very small split…

Motorcycles and knitwear (w/video)

30 March, 2020
Advertising agencies have decided that motorcycles and motorcyle riding is uber-cool. They use them to help promote anything under the sun, from cars, perfumes, to high end fashion and this latest commercial comes from Russia and uses a classic retro…

Everyone Loves a Vespa

28 March, 2020
This humorous commercial incorporates the idea that everyone can love a Vespa scooter, even the stereotype of the hard riding, beer drinking Harley Davidson rider that can leave his main squeeze and appreciate the classical and timeless beauty of a…

Happy with Yamaha Vega Commercial from the Philippines

27 March, 2020
Check out this amusing and campy commercial that runs in the Philippines to launch the new Yamaha Vega scooter, but Yamaha’s ad pitch is even funnier:Go! Go! Happy Vega!!! The newest member of Yamaha is finally here! The YAMAHA VEGA…

Jorge Lorenzo in Yamaha Indonesia Commercial (w/video)

27 March, 2020
Yamaha’s best selling market is Indonesia, where they sell millions of low displacement motorcycles and scooters, hence the Indonesian words Semakin di Depan (meaning on the front or always on the front) logo that grace the Fiat Yamaha team M1’s…

Motorcycle safety: dentists who ride bikes

26 March, 2020
We figure this safety commercial might give the message that you should respect motorcyclists not because they deserve respect but because they might be drilling your dental cavities one day, but then perhaps this is one case where the end…

Armadillo Scooterwear: cool scooter gear for your city ride

25 March, 2020
This fantastic video shows Armadillo scooterwear in more than just a simple motorcycle commercial. It’s the perfect video for a motorcycle gear brand that calls itself “armadillo”, and it certainly makes scootering look edgy and fun. Armadillo deals with clothing,…

Beep Motorcycle Commercial

14 March, 2020
I think that the advertising guys have to rethink this commercial, its probably not going to go down well with certain Italian and Japanese communities and the BEEP Motorcycle company may prefer their bikes to be in the main picture.