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Norton commando

Norton Commando 961 SE ready for launch

26 April, 2020
The guys at MCN have got their hands on the brand new Norton 961 Commando SE, seen in a preview video after the jump. The new Commando 961 SE has been completely redesigned and newly built in the UK, using…

Norton Commando Transformer by Steve Twist

13 April, 2020
The Transformers craze is contagious, first we had the Bajaj commercial and now Steve Twist, who is computer visualisation and animation undergradute a Bournemouth University, created this Norton Commando Transformer. It took 8 months of work from concept to completation.…

Norton Commando "Vampire"

12 April, 2020
Near Dark, From Dusk to Dawn or Blade maybe be the usual and somewhat gory vampire movies, but they’re nothing like this 1990 British horror/black commedy flic where the gas guzzling, excuse me, blood sucking vampire is a Norton Commando.Too…