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Pictures from italy

Italian pictures: motorcycle coffee break

13 April, 2020
This wonderful Italian picture shows just how much the Italians take their coffee seriously. The owner of this bike is using a little gas burner to make his Moka coffee off the back of his Moto Guzzi Stelvio bike. What’s…

Photographs of Rome: Geotagger World Atlas

8 April, 2020
These amazing photographs are part of Eric “The Incredimazing” Fischer’s Geotaggers World Atlas. The purpose of these particular images has been to filter what locals vs tourists photographs in some of the world’s big tourism locations. The blue areas are…

Italian pictures: old style Milan

4 April, 2020
This lovely picture of a Milan street could nearly have been taken 50 years ago when the original Fiat 500 cars dominated the streets. But in a quiet moment in the bustling city, Cesare from 02blog.it managed to snap this…

Pictures from Italy: Dolomites aerial photograph

20 March, 2020
Everyone has their own Italian landscape love affair, whether it be the tame, olive-groved countryside of Tuscany, the Mediterranean blue of Campania or the more dramatic mountainous landscapes of the north. This beautiful aerial photograph of the Peaks of the…

Pictures from Italy: parking in Rome

19 March, 2020
Driving in Italy wouldn’t be complete without experiencing Rome’s traffic and laissez faire parking rules. In the following gallery of pictures from Italy you will see everything from a police car occupying the pedestrian crossing, to multiple large and expensive…