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Art exhibition Italy: celebrating 500 years of Palladio

25 April, 2020
In Vicenza celebrations have begun to celebrate the fifth centenary of the birth of Andrea Palladio. In fact, on September 20 we will see the inauguration of “Palladio 500” at the Palazzo Barbaran da Porto.Blog dolce vita already reported on…

Capitoline Museums in Rome host Beato Angelico exhibition

25 April, 2020
It’s the first great exhibition devoted to Beato Angelico: The Dawn of The Ranaissance since 1955 (two major exhibitions dedicated to this great Tuscan artist which took place in Florence and the Vatican in the 1950s). This time visitors will…

Raphael painting found in a cellar

22 April, 2020
Raffaello’s works are worth millions and even one of his smallest paintings if put on the block, could easily fetch 40 million euros! I say this because a small painting by this artist has just been found in a cellar…

Italian art: Raffaello on exhibition in Urbino

21 March, 2020
Along with the exhibitions devoted to Della Robbia and Giotto, this year we’ll have the rare opportunity to see Raffaello ‘s juvenile works which will be on display at the Galleria Nazionale delle Marche in Urbino from 5 April 2009…

Lorenzo Lotto exhibition at Scuderie del Quirinale, Rome

15 March, 2020
With his essay on Lorenzo Lotto, art historian Bernard Berenson re-established Lotto’s fame and accorded him the position in the history of art that he thoroughly deserves. He was the first Italian painter to reveal on the faces of his…