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Stunt riding

Chris Pfeiffer BMW F800R Replica

18 April, 2020
Hendrik von Kuenheim, BMW Motorrad President, has kept his promise when he declared last November that BMW was evaluating the possibility of commercialising the F800 R Chris Pfeiffer Edition that was presented to the public at the Eicma in Milan.…

The new Moto X Jump: Double Pits to Chesty

10 April, 2020
MotoX pro Adam Jones pulls off an incredible Double Pits to Chesty during the middle of a backflip.What a way to sell a deodorant.After the jump check out the same commercial with an X-Ray of Adams.

World's Fastest Rolling Stoppie by Kane Friessen

9 April, 2020
Kane “Insane” Friesen is a Canadian stunt rider and started riding motorcycles when he was 18. Here’s Friessen on the Discovery show “Stunt Junkies,” and how he took the Guinness Book World Record stoppie at an amazing 219 km/h (137…

Video: 54 people on a Royal Enfield

17 March, 2020
Squished like sardines in a can, India’s Army motorcycle stunt members set the the new World record for the number of people on a single motorcycle.Fifty-four members of the elite group, the Tornado’s, rode a 500cc Royal Enfield, beating their…

Stunt riding in the city: the streets of Barcelona

14 March, 2020
In addition to the motorcycle stunts in this video, you can also see the lovely Barcelona architecture go by. These stunts on the streets of Barcelona certainly would have given the other motorists something to look at, which is why…